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Date:2005-10-19 11:31

Long time no write. So I witnessed the greatest come back in baseball of late the other night, I only wish the yankees were taking notes, but pujols killin the astros was amazing. can't say i was actually routing for anyone but it was entertaining. the offseason sucks nothing to be pumped up about till fl-fl state game. and your occasional USC-ND cry fest. well maybe i will actually start writing in this again, only reason i am now is because my intrest was perked again when a certain someone left their lj logged-on and we, by we i mean people, wrote the best post ever.

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Date:2005-05-30 23:31

How to make a vreyes06

5 parts anger

1 part crazyiness

1 part joy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of sadness

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Date:2005-05-09 00:46
Subject:same ol'
Mood: tired

It's summer again and back to old things. The summer used to be a thing to put on a pedestal. You waited and waited and when it finally came you ran to it with open arms. Now all it is a arm full of stress and more roommates. Ones that are well now different. One year and so much has changed, some good, mostly bad. Peer influence is strong and at points unbearable. Some can withstand it, while others, crumble. It is sad to see, especially when it could have been avoidable. Such is life, you can only do and say so much until you finally let go and let them fly. Hopefully they won't crash, to hard.
Summer adds distance. From loved ones and friends, and from what you now have become used to. Late nights full of joking laughter and sometimes full of just crap. I miss my girl and leaving school only adds hardship. Now my days are shortened and it sucks. Hopefully better things will come of this summer than last. And I hope people start listening to what they preach.

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Date:2004-07-09 13:10

Times have come and gone and much has changed in this long but unforgotten road.....Though things seem bad you can always look from your bloody knees to the sky and realize theres much more waiting above....Wonder why we take so much time looking around at all the stuff of this world that in a little while will mean nothing more then old memories....Why has this world focused so much on us, why does it want to make us fall, it most know we have greater purposes in store....We know are limits but we always seem to pass that supposedly forbidden line....It is funny to me that we see more in what we want then in what we need....God's mercy is like a blanket to me....keeping us warm in the winter months....

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Date:2004-06-14 15:13
Subject:First Murder

I have killed an animal................It is the first thing i have every hit in my life and its weird cause this week i have had a lot of close calls with animals...I had a squirrel that apparently had a death wish come running straight at my tire i stopped in time though, not in the case with the animal last night....evidently it was inevitable. I felt really bad i had no time to react plus it was raining so it was hard to see..it was an armadillo. I had a turtle that i bought for my girlfriend for her birthday like two weeks ago die on me two days after i got it maybe i just don't have luck with animals.

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Date:2004-05-25 23:49
Subject:Day in the Sun
Mood: happy

Today was awesome, besides the T-wolves losing, i went to see my love and got to spend time with her and matt. He is really cool, but i can't wait till he has a girlfriend someday. He's funny. But anyways, i got to lay around doing nothing chilling with megan in rafts in a pool. Got to hold her and spend quality time with her. No better time spent then holding her. No better way to spend a day then out in the sun with the ones you love. I got a little red today, hopefully it'll stay. Tan is always more preferred then being pale. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. Won't get to see meg, which is never good, but hopefully everything else will turn out good.

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Date:2004-05-19 12:01
Subject:Today is the Day

Trying something new. You know that when it comes to encouragement there is no one better at it then my dear megan. So i am living somewhere new, still trying to get used to it. Waking up somewhere new is a weird thing especially if you're used to the same ol bed, same room, and same side of the bed. It just feels like you are in a dream. I guess we are creatures of habit. Breaking the usual is something hard for us to do. I wonder why that is so...some things need to be broken, like laziness. Well i hope this journal serves me and whoever well.

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