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It's summer again and back to old things. The summer used to be a thing to put on a pedestal. You waited and waited and when it finally came you ran to it with open arms. Now all it is a arm full of stress and more roommates. Ones that are well now different. One year and so much has changed, some good, mostly bad. Peer influence is strong and at points unbearable. Some can withstand it, while others, crumble. It is sad to see, especially when it could have been avoidable. Such is life, you can only do and say so much until you finally let go and let them fly. Hopefully they won't crash, to hard.
Summer adds distance. From loved ones and friends, and from what you now have become used to. Late nights full of joking laughter and sometimes full of just crap. I miss my girl and leaving school only adds hardship. Now my days are shortened and it sucks. Hopefully better things will come of this summer than last. And I hope people start listening to what they preach.
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