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Day in the Sun

Today was awesome, besides the T-wolves losing, i went to see my love and got to spend time with her and matt. He is really cool, but i can't wait till he has a girlfriend someday. He's funny. But anyways, i got to lay around doing nothing chilling with megan in rafts in a pool. Got to hold her and spend quality time with her. No better time spent then holding her. No better way to spend a day then out in the sun with the ones you love. I got a little red today, hopefully it'll stay. Tan is always more preferred then being pale. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. Won't get to see meg, which is never good, but hopefully everything else will turn out good.
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May 25 2004, 21:58:54 UTC 12 years ago

LA all the way. :)

Hey, glad to see you hop on here.

Its interesting how you can get a different look at someone through them writing about daily things they deal with. I look forward to possibly getting to know you better through here. :)

Now if you wouldn't mind explaining, were you glad the wolves lost? Or bothered by it? Maybe I read it wrong. :) I'd like for them to win, they have the heart for it...but I've always been a laker/magic girl since I was little. Shaq attack. Purple all the way. :)

Upset that the t-wolves lost, i like the lakers but they've had their days...its time for someone new to step up.


May 26 2004, 08:53:19 UTC 12 years ago

you are so sweet, i love you!!!
cha, no erasing my posts
Hey, I added you to my friends list. Glad to see you on LJ.